Highlights of The Project

Increasing labour market relevance of VET

The using of high-tech equipment / software / product in the health field contributes both giving faster and quality service and reduction of the cost of services. For this reason, many health agencies want to increase the use of ICT. However, recent researches highlight that one of the problems encountered in the use of information technology in health institutions is lack of the ICT skills. In the other words, there are many needs the employees with high ICT skills in the health sector. In this project, increasing the use of ICT skills of health professionals will be provided. Thus, improving of individuals with intermediate vocational qualification of the labour market in the health field will be realized.

Enhancing digital integration in learning, teaching, training and youth work at various levels

The main aim of the project is designing an e-learning environment to develop ICT skills of health employees trained at different levels. In project, developing of new generation of ICT usage skills of the people trained at different levels such as health school, health colleges, biomedical engineering, medical schools, graduate level up from level three in health education will be realized. Dissemination tools such as web sites, e-learning system, workshops, seminar, visual and audio digital media, TV, youtube, video clips, brochure, logo and web-based applications will be used throughout the project. Thus, increasing of education / training skills, the creation of effective learning environments and enhancing digital integration will be provided.

Developing basic and transversal skills using innovative methods

The labour market is constantly evolving. Skills, competences, and qualifications that people need change over time. To deal with these changes people need to be equipped with a variety of basic skills, including literacy, numeracy, foreign languages, science and digital skills. Transversal skills, such as the ability to learn, using ICT and initiative-taking, will help people deal with today’s varied and unpredictable career paths. This project will allow increasing their professional skills in IT and healthcare, the realization of transversal – learning in these two areas, dissemination the using of ICT and facilitation of accessing. Improving of both basic and transversal skills of the people working in this field is aimed by using of innovative ICT technologies in the health field.