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This module was designed with the intention to be an interactive educational tool and a resource for all. It is delivered consisting of lectures, powerpoint slides, videos, animations and exercises. In addition, a student can use it as a self-guided course. The course was written for students, healtcare workers, nurses, doctors, engineers unfamiliar with work and health issues. Like any other university course it assumes a certain level of background education. For training, you will need access to internet but no further special software or equipment are required.

Courses aims

• to Increase the competences of the people who were and/or are currently trained on healthcare IT at international standards,

• to ensure the effective implementation of active labor market policies in the context of Lifelong learning,

• to improve the employment capability of the labor market.

• to enhance the competencies of vocational trainers who can lead the vocational education according to the needs of this market,

• to update the syllabus of vocational training on healthcare according to the need of labor market and develop new teaching methods for

Contents of Training Module

Module 1: O3 – Introduction to Medical Informatics


Module 2: O4 – Hospital Information Management Systems


Module 3: O5 – Medical Measurement Instruments


Module 4: O6 – Medical Imaging Devices

Module 5: O7 – Decision Support Systems